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Folds designs and produces space saving furniture – we have started our company to share solutions we have created for ourselves – with others. When we showed the designs, those we have been using in our houses, to our friends – their enthusiasm and acclaim made us think that we should share these ideas with the whole world. Functionality is what we care most about. The main idea that stays with us is: free the space! Nowadays every single inch of our homes is important. We make sure every piece of our furniture can be used in various ways, remembering that „functional” does not turn out „ugly”. Our products are designed with „fresh” and „innovative” in mind.

You can download our catalogue or lookbook – in english.

More information about our products coming soon!

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at: folds@meblefolds.pl

G-randa Foldable Table


Be sure to check out our new product! G-randa foldable table that can span from 46 to 296cm!